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The Lewis Winch is a versatile power tool that plays a valuable role as boat trailer parts such as a trailer winch, boat winch or anchor winch.

Use it as an atv accessory instead of using your atv winches such as electric winches that deplete your batteries as you are trying to pull out your off road atv when it gets stuck.
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Uses for the Lewis Winch
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Lewis Winch uses a Snatch Block to pull 5 big logs!
The Lewis Winch was originally designed 40 years ago to provide an economical means of skidding hard to reach logs out of the forest while doing minimal environmental damage to the area.
Today even more than ever, the Lewis Winch is used in the growing selective-logging business and in private woodlots. Our portable winch is a better and more economical tool to use to skid logs than a purpose built skidder or a converted farm tractor. And of course, it creates less damage to the area leaving a lighter footprint in the forest or tree farm. Even horse-drawn skidders cannot compete with the versatility and economy of using a Lewis Winch.

Logging camp operators understand that logging is dangerous work and they must always be ready to rescue a trapped worker. If a tree should accidentally fall on a logger trapping him or crushing his chest and suffocating him, he will probably die if he isn't rescued quickly.

A skidder may take too long to get to the area to rescue the logger, and depending on the terrain, it may even be impossible to get there at all. But a rescuer can always quickly set up the Lewis Winch and lift the weight off the trapped man saving him from an excruciating death.
The Lewis Winch is considered to be the most versatile power tool in the market today because it will make your operation more profitable and it may save someone’s life.

"I purchased your winch 6 months ago. I am now able to accept work that my competition can't. It paid for itself the first month. Thank you for producing this great work tool."

Jim Roberge, New Hampshire
This logger uses the Lewis Winch to load logs into his trailer, three tiers high.
The Lewis Winch saves hours of loading time.
Attach a Lewis Winch Snatch Block to a lumber rack to pull the log right up to your truck, Then relocate the Snatch Block to pull the load right into your truck box.
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