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The Original Lewis Winch
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The Lewis Multi Drill

Turn your chainsaw into a Direct Drive or Universal Multi Drill! Quality built to last a lifetime!

About Lewis Winch

The Lewis Winch 400-MK2 Is a high-powered portable winch that uses a chainsaw as a power-head. The Lewis Winch will pull 4,000 lbs. in a straight line, and up to 8,000 lbs using one Lewis Winch Snatch Block. This is the only portable winch you need. Also from Lewis Winch is the Lewis Multi Drill. This unit was designed to be attached to the side of a chainsaw and to drive an earth auger in all kinds of soil and weather conditions. The Lewis Universal Multi Drill and Direct Drive Drill fits most chainsaws. Click here to learn more about the history of the Lewis Winch.

Lewis Winch Trailer-Hitch Mount c/w Lock
Lewis Winch Trailer-Hitch Mount c/w Lock
Lewis Winch Trailer-Hitch Mount c/w Lock
Lewis Winch Trailer-Hitch Mount c/w Lock

Trailer-Hitch Mount c/w Lock

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The Original

Lewis Winch

The Lewis Winch is one of the most versatile tools in the market today!

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Comments from our customers...

The Lewis winch worked great. I used a 461 Stihl and four pulleys to move my cabin more that 150 feet uphill at my place in remote interior Alaska.

Eric Wade, Juneau, AK

I found a Lewis Winch at a yard sale couple years ago and it works great. Awesome piece of equipment. Whether you are working on building a remote cabin and moving logs or just needing to get the boat unstuck from the mud in the back country of Alaska, works great!

Anthony Robinson, Anchorage, AK

In three easy pulls, the winch walked the car up the remaining 200 feet of the hill like a champ. No snatch block, it pulled the car (a Nissan Maxima) with far greater ease than most of the logs I've dragged around the forest.

Scott M., Pemberton, BC

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