Choosing the right chainsaw

What chainsaw should I use for my Lewis Winch?

You will want to choose the right chainsaw for your new Lewis Winch, because the size of your chainsaw is important and should be considered whenever you work with our portable winch.

If you are pulling in a straight line 2,000 to 2,500 lbs.(or up to 5000 lbs.) using one Lewis Winch Snatch Block, you can use a light-duty chainsaw with an engine size of 3 horsepower (bhp) (48 cc’s, 18”+ bar with 3/8” chain).

If you are pulling 3,000 to 3,500 lbs. in a straight line (or up to 6000 lbs) with one Lewis Winch Snatch Block, you should use a general-duty chainsaw with an engine size of 5-6 horsepower (bhp).

And if you need to pull up to 4,000 lbs in a straight line or 8,000 lbs with one Lewis Winch Snatch Block, it is necessary to use a chainsaw with an engine size of 7 horsepower (bhp) or higher.

Please note that the operator accepts all risks when using an engine with more than 100 cc’s or 7 hp (bhp), as you could damage your Lewis Winch or break the cable and potentially cause injury.

Chainsaws must be properly maintained and serviced to ensure that the throttle and clutch are in proper working condition since this directly affects the safe performance of your Lewis Winch

Electric chainsaws and smaller gas chainsaws will give satisfactory performance only with lighter loads. The Universal Adaptor Kit included in the shipment does not come with an adaptor for electric chainsaws, but note that such adaptor is available to purchase from the manufacturer.

Here is a list of some chainsaws that will mount directly to the Lewis Winch:


362 xp, 365, 371 XP, 372, 266 all 3/8 pitch and all use the L906A spacer


2054 Turbo, 2063 Turbo, 2065 Turbo, 2071 Turbo, 2083 Turbo, All 3/8 pitch. Husqvarna and Jonsered (build by Husqvarna) use the last two numbers as there CC. so a Husqvarna 365 is 65 CC (perfect for the Lewis Winch)


MS 026 Pro, MS 029 Super Farm Boss (325 pitch uses L906M adapter), MS 036 Pro, MS 036 QS, MS 039 MS 044 (uses L906A spacer), MS 046 Magnum, MS 046 M ARCTIC, MS 066 Magnum, MS 271, MS 360, MS 291, MS 311, MS 391 

2 Drive Mount Options Available

Direct Drive Mount

Lewis Winch Direct Drive Mount

Universal Bar Mount

Lewis Winch Universal Drive Mount

Hooking the Lewis Winch (Direct Drive) to a Chain Saw

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