Lewis Winch History

The Lewis Winch is 100% Canadian and manufactured by Cannon Manufacturing, located in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. Cannon Manufacturing is a small CNC machine shop that makes many of the parts for the winch as well as doing machine shop work in the area. The Lewis Winch has a long history as described below.

Lewis Winch - Now and Then

The Lewis Winch was invented in the early 70's.

This high-powered portable winch that uses a chainsaw as a power-head, was an instant hit in the forestry industry. Every logger already owned a chainsaw and having a Lewis Winch to attach to it, worked very well.

Before long the Lewis Winch became renowned industry-wide for its versatility and durability. Not long after that, the Lewis Winch was discovered by many other industries and individuals, such as hunters, outdoors men, boaters, farmers and ranchers who used it for an amazing array of things.

In 2003 when Mr. Lewis decided to retire and close the Lewis Winch factory in 2002, his customers and dealers decided to take matters into their own hands and do something about it.

One of those loyal customers contacted our machine shop in New Westminster, British Columbia - and persuaded us to accept the challenge of taking over where Mr. Lewis left off. In 2003 we started producing the Lewis Winch in Canada.

We re-engineered and manufactured the Lewis Winch with many new features and improvements to the original design. The Lewis Winch is now even stronger, lighter and more efficient than ever before because we build the Lewis Winch on state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment that certainly wasn't around in the early days when Mr. Lewis manufactured this portable winch.

Our portable winch is lighter and stronger than before because it is now build with a super strong aluminum alloy, which allows us to reduce the thickness of the material in non-critical areas.

The Lewis Winch uses steel gears and shafts, and comes with 150 feet of extremely strong aircraft cable. It is also build with a hand-brake and a clutch to make it safer and easier to work with in the field.

The Lewis Winch comes with our new Universal Adaptor Kit that makes it possible for you to use the Lewis Winch with any chainsaw sold in the market today.

The Lewis Winch is one of the most versatile tools in the market today and we guarantee that if you purchase our portable winch, you will find many more uses for it than even we can imagine.