What Is A Lewis Winch?

The Lewis Winch 400 Mk2 is our main product and has undergone many improvements since it was first developed way back in 1972 in Oregon before eventually being now produced in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. It is a powerful chainsaw driven winch and is capable of pulling up to 8000 lbs. using a lewis winch snatch block.

The winch comes with 150 feet of steel aircraft cable. It has a solid aluminum/magnesium construction with a total weight of 34 pounds. It has the finest precision ground ball bearings available, with gears made to quality specifications. Our portable winch is lighter and stronger than before because it is now build with a super strong aluminum alloy, which allows us to reduce the thickness of the material in non-critical areas.

The Lewis Winch comes with our new Universal Adaptor Kit that makes it possible for you to use the Lewis Winch with any chainsaw sold in the market today.

The Lewis Winch is one of the most versatile tools in the market today and we guarantee that if you purchase our portable winch, you will find many more uses for it than even we can imagine.

What Accessories are Available For the Lewis Winch?

  • Two sizes of snatch blocks. The Lewis Winch Snatch Block attaches to a stationary object such as a tree or trailer hitch and allows the Lewis Winch to pull at angles and/or around corners.
  • Two lengths of steel cable for pulling logs and other items over a distance.
  • A Peavey Hook which penetrates a stump creating a secure anchor for the Lewis Winch.
  • A Tree Saver Belt anchors the Lewis Winch or the Snatch Block to a tree acting as an anchor point for the winch.
  • The Trailer Hitch Mount which works as an anchor point for the winch.

What is the Lewis Winch Used for?

The unit is ideal for skidding logs, tightening fences, loading machinery or freeing vehicles. It will pull logs, vehicles, rocks, moose and deer, boats, snowmobiles, fencing and anything that would benefit from the use of a powerful portable winch.

How Do I Use The Lewis Winch?

Chain saw engines can be attached two ways: On saws with an external clutch, the winch is connected by using a short guide bar and cutter-less chain. It simply bolts on to the bar pad like a guide bar. On saws with an internal clutch, the direct connection works best. Power from the clutch spline is coupled directly to the winch. No chain or bar is necessary with this type of connection. This also eliminates the need for chain oiling.The winch comes with attachments for hooking the winch to a chainsaw. The chainsaw and winch are then attached to an anchor point such as a tree, tree stump, or the back of a vehicle.

There are many videos on YouTube of the Lewis Winch being used for different purposes. There is also a section in this site with several utube videos of the winch in action as well as a section with pictures showing the winch in action.

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