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The Lewis winch worked great. I used a 461 Stihl and four pulleys to move my cabin more that 150 feet uphill at my place in remote interior Alaska.

Eric Wade, Juneau, AK

I have been on seven successful Maine moose hunts where we have taken moose from 600 to 960 pounds. Last year we had one down that only weighed slightly over 600 pounds. We had just started to get the moose out and was looking at least three or fours hours of very hard labor. Another hunter came along and stopped. He was a guide and inquired if he could help. He produced one of your winches, very used, and within 30 minutes the moose was in the back of our trailer. I'd never seen anything like it and knew that I would have to have one before another moose hunt. As luck would have it my hunting partner got a permit for this year. As you can see my hunting partner got a permit. I did purchased the winch, hitch mount, anchor, tree saver belt and a couple other items in part from Bailey's. I also had to purchased another chain saw as mine wasn't able to adapt to the winch. My saw, big enough in cc, was thirty years old and my saw shop stated that it just wasn't compatible with the winch. I had to call your company several times before I was able to get what I needed. The lady that answered the phone and the gentleman that I talked to about which saw he recommended led me to a Sthil saw. Both people were extremely helpful. The saw, a perfect fit to the winch after I purchased a spacer. Their help was greatly appreciated and made everything right. The first day of the hunt this year in Northern Maine produced three different sightings of bulls and one that we didn't see that we called to within 50 yards. Anyway, late in the first day we took a 800 pound moose and the winch paid for itself with that one animal. A hunter from Va. was there when we got the moose out and he was just like everyone else - in awe of the winch.

A S. - BC

I found a Lewis Winch at a yard sale couple years ago and it works great. Awesome piece of equipment. Whether you are working on building a remote cabin and moving logs or just needing to get the boat unstuck from the mud in the back country of Alaska, works great!

Anthony J. Robinson - Anchorage, Alaska

Recently I purchased a Lewis Winch Trailer Hitch Mount and I have adapted it to enable us to load 8 foot logs onto the trailer. My home built ATV skidding plate is used to help the log climb up onto the trailer bed and by repositioning the loading crossbar we can load logs three tiers high. I have been using the Lewis Winch on jobs like this for over 10 years, and while I have worn out a cable or two, the Lewis Winch has never failed me.

Bob Beall - Kalispell Montana

Although the winch was sent to me for evaluation, I wound up buying it instead of sending it back.

Dave Boyt

Great product. I love it. We use it for launching boats, moving rocks, hauling trees, etc. All this is done at an off-the-grid cabin near Petersburg, Alaska. It's the envy of the neighbourhood!

Dave Seris - Juneau, Alaska

I took a picture with my phone at the Shiawassee River State Game Area and I counted 15 Lewis Winches in the area parking lot on one day. The Shiawassee River State Game Area is 10,000 acres of Managed hunting flooded crop land and marshes. We have to draw at 5am for morning hunt and 11am for afternoon hunts, kind of like a lottery you are issued a number and then a draw to pick an area and you have to hunt your area you pick. Some times we have to pull our boats over as many as 3 dikes to get to some areas... that’s where the Lewis winch is a must . I bought my original winch from Mr. Lewis some 20 years ago and it is still going strong. I guess I started a fad cause if I take a guess there are at least around 100 Lewis Winches being used on the area. We have 2 local dealers one in Saginaw (Wolfhiel Hardware) and one in St.Charles (Bares Sporting Goods) and they send me a lot of mounts and repairs so all is well. Thanks for a great product.

Gordon B. - Michigan

Dear Lewis Winch, I purchased the Lewis Winch a couple years ago. I love it! This winter was extremely brutal here in Massachusetts. We have had over three feet of snow on the ground all season. On one occasion, I got my plow truck stuck sideways down a hill off of the road. The winch pulled it right out. My cousin couldn't believe it! Thanks, Lewis Winch!

Ken B. - Massachusetts, USA

I work in sugar sand, and vehicles get stuck weekly. I direct mounted a stihl 066 that I don't get much use out of because all the hurricanes have taken down all the big trees. Well the Lewis Winch will actually start pulling a 2500 truck buried in the sand with barely any throttle... This winch is awesome!

Mark Stewart - Jensen Beach, Florida

My wife and kids took a bit of a wild winter ride on our snowy driveway last night. They got part way up, lost traction and slid backwards on the 15% grade for about 40 very anxious feet. In three easy pulls, the winch walked the car up the remaining 200 feet like a champ. No snatch block, it pulled the car (a Nissan Maxima) with far greater ease than most of the logs I've dragged around the forest. This is a tool that my wife now fully supports!!!

Scott M. - Pemberton, BC

I love the Lewis Winch and without it, I’m just a mere mortal

Shane Morris - Hartland, Wisconsin

I bought your winch about a month ago. I was going on a moose hunt here in Maine. I went on the hunt last week and we got a 553 lb. Bull. A good eater! Your winch performed above all expectations. Easy to use, portable, GREAT! 100 yards off the road to on the trailer in less than 20 minutes (minus the 20 minutes of back slapping) You folks are selling a great product. Thank you!

William Howe - Maine