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"Chainsaw-Powered Winch 

What really sets the powerful Lewis Winch apart is that you can power it with any chainsaw motor 3 cu. in. or larger.

"It grew out of a need Pacific Northwest loggers had for a compact winch when working on steep terrain where they couldn't reach with a highline setup or a skidder," says Doug Imbeau, Lewis Winch, Inc. "They already had chainsaws and really didn't want to have another motor to service, so why not drive a compact winch with a chainsaw?"

Imbeau says the winch is driven by a chainsaw with the bar and chain removed. Two adapter kits come with the winch. One fits any chainsaw and uses a small piece of cutterless chain and a mini-bar for mounting. The other works with outside drive sprockets only and is a direct drive from the motor to the winch.

"After the original setup and with a little practice, you can go from chain sawing to winching or back again in about five min. either way," says Imbeau. "If you're cutting trees and winching day in and day out, you may want to have a chainsaw dedicated to the winch. However, if you're cutting a few trees and winching them, making the switch isn't such a bother.

Imbeau started his company in 2003 after inventor and manufacturer decided to retire. As many as 30,000 Lewis Winches are estimated to have been produced over the years, with many still being used.

"A few weeks ago I had an inquiry from an owner who was looking for parts," recalls Imbeau. "I determined that his winch had been made in Lewis' shop in Medford, Ore., around 1972. I supplied the parts, and the winch is back in service."

One reason the winch is so popular, even at a cost of $899, is the pulling power it offers. A general duty chainsaw with an engine size of 5 to 6 horsepower can pull 3,000 to 3,500 lbs. in a straight line or twice that with a snatch block.

A chainsaw engine with 7 horsepower can pull up to 4,000 lbs. in a straight line. Again, a single Lewis Winch snatch block doubles the pulling power. Imbeau warns that an engine greater than 7 hp could damage the winch.

The Lewis Winch comes with a 150-ft., 3/16-in. galvanized aircraft cable. A 250-ft., 1/8-in. cable is also available.

Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lewis Winch, Inc., 315A Levi St., New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada V3M 4N4 (ph 604 524-6863; toll free 877 906-7711; info@lewiswinch.com; www.lewiswinch.com). "


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