Lewis Winch featured in Popular Mechanics

The Lewis Winch has been featured in Popular Mechanics a few times! Check it out! 

Popular Mechanics looks at winch powered by chainsaw

By R. Joseph - November 1981 

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It’s quite a feeling to be able to haul up to 8,000 pounds by pulling the trigger of a chainsaw. 

That’s what you can do with this winch designed to be powered by a chain-saw head.

I tried out the unit on two 8 inch diameter, 16 foot long logs. The winch pulled them over some rough terrain and through dense underbrush with no problems. 

Such a tool is ideal for hauling firewood from a place where your truck won’t go.

It would also be invaluable for stream or pond clean-up, dragging elk or deer out of a canyon, pulling a truck out of mud or a ditch, tightening fences, pulling machinery onto trailers, and so on.

Connecting the winch to a chain-saw head takes only a few minutes.


MARCH 2011 Cutting Class

By Jim Collins


Finally, they settled on a chain-saw-powered winch they’d seen in the forestry-supply catalog that served as reading material in the privy. The rig was dubbed the Death Slide after one log snapped the axle of a hand-powered winch.


The solution: A chainsaw powered Lewis Winch that zipped logs up the slide in seconds.

Anchored to a tree, powered by a Husqvarna chainsaw, the winch could zip a log up the slide in 30 seconds.

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