New from Lewis Winch

We are super excited to launch our NEW Lewis Winch 3" Snatch Block!  100% Made in Canada!

Lewis Winch's new all Aluminum CNC machined swing side snatch block features a 3.00 inch diameter deep groove aluminum sheave, with the Aluminum side plates that swing open for easy cable installment. A Sintered bronze bushing on a 1/2 shoulder bolt to provide maximum efficiency.

Particularly useful for when doubling the line and pulling power, the cable cannot accidentally come out of the block. Also very useful to redirect a load or to pull upward on a hill. Smaller and lighter than the N1002 pulley.

NEW 3" Snatch block Specifications: 

  • Minimum Breaking Strength (imperial) : N/A
  • Working Load Limit (imperial) : 16 kN (3600 lb)
  • Material : Sides: Aluminum. Sheave: Aluminum

Weight and Dimensions:

  • Weight (imperial) : 1.10 lb
  • Diameter (imperial) : 3"
  • Length (imperial) : 4.5"
  • Width (imperial) : 1."


  • Minimum diameter (imperial) : 1/8" 
  • Maximum diameter (imperial) : 3/16"

Order yours today! 

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